Ground Beef Sampler

Ground Beef Sampler

84 (4 oz) Meal Portions

Cunningham Pastured Meats now offers several different types of ground beef to suit different dishes and occasions. This sampler pack offers our 3 different types of ground beef and also our ground beef patties.

Over 20 lbs of high quality ground beef!

Here is what comes in the sampler.

  • 6 - Premium Ground Beef - Made from a pure blend of brisket, short rib, and chuck - producing a robust and rich "beefy" flavor profile. At an 80/20 leanness and is exceptionally juicy and flavorful! Definitely worth it for top-notch burgers!
  • 4 - Ground Sirloin - An exclusive blend from the sirloin yielding a 90-95% lean product. Very beefy, slightly sweet taste.
  • 8 - Ground Beef - A blend of the round, chuck, brisket and trim from quality beef cuts yielding a 80-85% lean product. One of the most versatile cuts available!
  • 2 - Hamburger Patties - Already pre-made, just thaw and throw on the grill!
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