Chicken Bone Broth Maker Kit 5 qt

Chicken Bone Broth Maker Kit 5 qt

Just simply add your 4-5 lbs of chicken backs into your slow cooker of instant pot and add your broth veggie mix and you are set!

Would you like to consistently be able to make a delicious and healthy homemade bone broth or stock? Quality ingredients matter. When combined with bones, our proprietary blend of premium ingredients enhances both the flavor and healthfulness of your broth, every time.

Our Premium Dehydrated Veggie Spice Kit has the same delicious ingredients we use for our premium bone broths sold in the high-end natural food sections of grocery stores.

With our proprietary blend of mushrooms, black garlic, and spices, the Veggie Spice Kit gives bone broth or stock a perfectly delicious taste. Our flavor is unlike any broth you’ve ever tasted. Black garlic and shiitake mushrooms also have medicinal properties which are shown to help fight and prevent various illnesses.

Our proprietary gourmet blend of dehydrated vegetables and spices can be used to make Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Venison, Elk, or Bison bone broth. Just add apple cider vinegar and the bones.

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