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Chicken FAQs

Why Is Your Chicken On Sale NOW?

  • Pastured chickens can only be raised during the warmer months of the year (April-October) since they are raised outside. Unlike industry chickens (who are raised in climate controlled houses year round), pastured chickens get to be outside in the warm sun and grass. Since it's the middle of the summer it's the best time of year to stock up on chicken since they are easy to raise during the summer months and we can still get a few more batches raised before it gets too cold. Everyone wins with raising and buying chickens in the summer and if you buy plenty right now then we don't have very much storage costs into these super fresh chickens!

What do your pasture raised chickens eat? 

  • Pastured chickens get to eat bugs and grass as apart of their diet, but their main feed source is from a mixed feed ration that includes the following Non-GMO ingredients:
    • Ground Non-GMO Corn- 25.32%
    • Roasted Cull Beans - 18.56%
    • Cull Peas - 24.90%
    • Non-GMO Soybean Oil - 3.18%
    • Premix (vitamins) - 3.41%
    • Wheat - 24.63%

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