Are You Confused By All The Labeling On Meat?


    Yeah, so are we.

    We are making it simple. We are a real family ranch raising animals on pasture.

    Don't Just Take Our Word...

    See What Some of the Hundreds of Family's We Serve Have To Say About Our Meat

    “My family has been buying our protein from Cunningham Pastured meats for years. As a Functional Nutritionist, the quality of meat I serve to my family and recommend to my clients is paramount... in addition to the fact that their meat is such high quality and has such a robust nutritional profile, it tastes amazing!...”

        -Gretchen Tseng- Functional Nutritionalist -

    "...The meat is delicious (I can tell the difference from industrial-raised) and healthy (grass-fed). As a bonus, I have toured their ranch and seen the care they give to their animals and that is a big plus in my book..."

        -Alex Takasugi

    "...Buying our meats from Cunningham Pastured Meats has helped our family of four to reverse chronic illness and become healthier due to the immense vitamin and mineral levels in their high-quality meat. 

        -Jennifer B -

    Our Selection of Delicious Pastured Meats

    All your favorite protein's in one place!

    Don't Waste Another Dollar On Confusing Labels!