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Pasture-Raised Meats You Can TRUST

Delivered to your home in the Boise & Magic Valley

Grass-Fed | Non-GMO | Ethically Raised

Are You Confused By All The Labeling On Meat?


    Yeah, so are we.

    We are making it simple. 
    We are a real family ranch raising animals on pasture and delivering our meat to your door.

    We Know How to Raise Quality Pastured Meats

    Our family has been on the same ranch raising pastured meats for the last 100 years. Five generations of knowledge and care for the land have been passed down.

    You Can Rest Assured Knowing Your Meat Is:

    -Raised Humanely on Pasture

    - Free of Hormones, Antibiotics or GMOs

    -“Grass-fed” Means NO Grain

    - Healing the Land and Building Soil

    Trusted By Hundred's of Families In the Treasure Valley

    We had been looking for a good local source of grass-fed meats that we could get delivered to us. Well, we have found it!
    Kathy N. - Boise
    My family has been buying our protein from Cunningham Pastured meats for years. As a Functional Nutritionist, the quality of meat I serve to my family and recommend to my clients is paramount... in addition to the fact that their meat is such high quality and has such a robust nutritional profile, it tastes amazing!...
    Gretchen Tseng- Functional Nutritionalist
    I've been purchasing all of my meat from the Cunningham's for the past 4 months and couldn't be more pleased.
    Jeanette N. - Boise

    30+ 5 Star Reviews!

    Our Selection of Delicious Pastured Meats

    All your favorite proteins in one place!

    We Care About Your Family Like Our Family.

    Only The Best Quality Meats, Raised Right.

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    No faceless brands here! We're real people with a real family ranch doing our best to raise the highest quality meats for our customers and our family.

    Are you confident in the meat you eat? 

    We believe you should feel confident in the food you are feeding your family, which is why we explain everything we do from birth to harvest with our meat, so you know EXACTLY how your meat is raised.

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    Don't Waste Another Dollar On Confusing Labels!