Wild Caught Seafood

✔100% Wild Caught Seafood
✔Sustainably Fished Waters

We believe seafood and fish are best when fresh! This happens only when caught 100% in the wild. That is why Cunningham Pastured Meats uses a local Idaho fisherman to source from.

Try out our most popular wild-caught seafood items that are a great way to increase your Omega nutrients. With options like shrimp, cod, lingcod, codfish, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, tuna steaks, and plenty more to choose from, there is something for everyone!

Get fish market quality seafood delivered to your door, vacuum packed, and frozen to ensure freshness.

✔ 100% Wild Caught Seafood
✔ Sustainably Fished Waters
✔ Idaho Local Fisherman
✔ Fresh Shrimp, Cod & Salmon
✔ Healthy Omegas for Your Family
✔ Delivered to Your Home in the Boise Valley

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