Hello. We are Keith and Mandy Wilson. Together, we are Wilsons’ Wild Salmon!

Keith grew up in Naknek, Alaska, and has been commercial fishing his whole life, which makes him an expert on all things salmon-related. Mandy is an Idaho native that has quickly taken to the role of 'fish lady.' We spend our winters in Idaho where we work as teachers and coaches. In the summer months, we return to one of the planet’s last sustainable fisheries. Bristol Bay is home to several river systems where wild salmon return to their natal lakes and streams to spawn. Together, in a short but intense fishing season, we harvest the nutritious sockeye salmon that we are able to bring home to you. 

Our salmon is sustainably harvested near the mouth of the Kvichak River as they are on their way back to Iliamna, the largest lake in Alaska. While the bulk of our catch is delivered to one of the original canneries in Naknek, we choose the highest-quality sockeye salmon to bring home to you. It is chilled, filleted, cut into portions, sealed, flash-frozen, and carefully packed for its journey south.

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Wilsons’ Wild Salmon
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