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Grassfed Beef

Grassfed & Grass Finished. No hormones, no antibiotics. Just Grass

1/16 BEEF - 18 lb Bundle

$9.80/lb! Great Value!
Discount Box! $30.00 savings
$206.00 $176.00

The BBQ Master - 18 lb Bundle

$10.50/lb! Fire Up The Grill With this Jam Packed Box!
Discount Box! $22.00 savings
$212.00 $190.00

Slow Cooker Delight - 18 lb Bundle

$8.50/lb Set the Slow Cooker and Go with This Bundle!
Discount Box! $12.00 savings
$165.00 $153.00

18 lbs Ground Beef

Only $6.50/lb!!!
Discount Box! $9.00 savings
$126.00 $117.00

Ground Beef

1 lb package
$7.00/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

Fatty Ground Beef 50/50

Keto, Paleo, High Fat Diet; This Ground Beef is For You!
Sale $0.75/lb. savings
$7.00/lb. $6.25/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

Hamburger Patties

3 Patties/pkg
$8.00/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

Beef Sausage - Sweet Italian

4 Sausages/pkg
$10.25/lb. Avg. 1.2 lb.

Beef Bratwurst

4 Brats/pkg
$10.25/lb. Avg. 1.2 lb.

Beef Sausage - Hot Italian

4 Sausages/pkg
$10.25/lb. Avg. 1.2 lb.

Ribeye Steak

$26.00/lb. Avg. 2.2 lb.

New York Steak

$23.00/lb. Avg. 1.2 lb.

Beef Tenderloin Steak

Juicy, Tender, Delicious
$30.00/lb. Avg. 12 oz.

Aged Tenderloin

Flavorful, Tender
Sale $5.00/lb. savings
$15.00/lb. $10.00/lb. Avg. 8 oz.

Flat Iron Steak

Super Tender, Delicious Cut of Steak! 1/pkg
$15.50/lb. Avg. 1.2 lb.

Hanging Tender Steak

Beef steak prized for It's Flavor! Rare Cut! Only 1 per beef!
$16.00/lb. Avg. 12 oz.

Flank Steak

$16.00/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

Sirloin Steak

$14.00/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

Cube Steaks

$8.50/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

Beef Stew Meat

$7.50/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

Short Ribs

$7.75/lb. Avg. 2 lb.

Tri-Tip Roast

$8.80/lb. Avg. 1.25 lb.

Chuck Roast

$8.60/lb. Avg. 4.5 lb.

Sirloin Tip Roast

$8.75/lb. Avg. 2 lb.


Avg. 3 lbs
$8.60/lb. Avg. 3 lb.

Rump Roast

$8.50/lb. Avg. 2.5 lb.

Beef Heart

1 whole heart
$5.00/lb. Avg. 3 lb.

Beef Liver

$4.25/lb. Avg. 1.5 lb.

Beef Tongue

1 Whole Tongue
$4.50/lb. Avg. 2.5 lb.


$5.25/lb. Avg. 1.5 lb.

Beef Bones | 10 lb Box

Mixture of marrow & knuckle bones for broth!

Knuckle Bone

Stock up on good knuckle bones
$4.75/lb. Avg. 2.5 lb.

1/8 BEEF - 36 lb Bundle

$9.30/lb Best Prices!
Bulk Savings! $77.00 savings
$412.00 $335.00

36 lbs Ground Beef

Only $6.12/lb!!!
Bulk Savings! $32.00 savings
$252.00 $220.00