The Most Amazing Chicken Producer In the World!

July 14, 2019

Meet Brian, The Most Amazing Chicken Producer In the World! 


Now we are totally biased, but for good reason.

Brian does an AMAZING job raising all our pastured chickens that we sell in our store. 

The quality of his care is apparent in the chicken you eat in how tender, mouth watering, delicious it is.

It is literally his dream to raise pasture chickens. His goal is to quit his job and raise chickens full time.Just like my husband's dream is being a cattle ranch, Brian's dream is to be a chicken rancher... or farmer? 

ā€¨Brian makes the trip to his organic pasture in Star twice a day to feed, water, and move chickens.

 He does an excellent job raising a tricky chicken.

Cornish Cross chickens were designed for large poultry houses in controlled climates, so it takes a lot of extra care to make sure they are healthy and do well on pasture and Brian has done just that and is always looking for new ways to make chickens have the best life on pasture.

So we thank Brian for all his hard work, so we might have access to the BEST chicken in the Boise Valley!

Liz Cunningham

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