What Is Up With All The Hype About Fake Meat?

July 13, 2021

Would you eat synthetic, lab grown, "meat"? 

Well, Bill Gates thinks you should.

Recently, fake meat has started to make headlines again after Bill Gates said that he believes, rich, first world countries should strive to get people to eat synthetic meat for the sake of saving the world from climate change.

Sometimes I feel we are living in a dream world. How could using freak science and making a completely synthetic, ultra processed, fake meat somehow better for you than eat meat from an animal that is designed to break down grass and turn it into nutrient dense food for us to eat, aka - beef.

Last year I wrote an article explaining the problems with fake meat and how it actually does NOT solve the climate change discussion and how it could actually cause MORE emissions than cattle do. You can read my article here <<<

But do cattle contribute to greenhouse gasses? Well, here is a great video explaining how cattle, properly managed, can actually capture carbon and reduce greenhouse gases.

Here at Cunningham Pastured Meats we are use proper livestock management to improve the landscape and produce quality nutrient dense beef at the same time. It's a win-win for the environment and for people.

So... Would you eat fake meat? 

You know our answer...

You can purchase the best meat money can buy in the Boise right here: Buy Pasture-Raised Meats

A good way to end this article:

Cow vs. Car –

Bill Gates claims a cow emits more pollution than a car.

Allow me to propose this simple experiment:

I will lock myself in my garage with a cow overnight.

Bill can lock himself in his garage with a running car overnight.

In the morning, we can meet up and discuss the results.

Liz Cunningham

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