Grass-fed Beef At Cunningham Pastured Meats

January 27, 2020

Take a look at how we raised grass-fed beef at Cunningham Pastured Meats

On Pasture

At Cunningham Pastured Meats, we take great pride in raising the best grass-fed and finished beef. We move our cattle frequently and use temporary fencing to assure that they have the best available grass to graze on. Our beautiful meadows are diverse in grass, clover, and legumes and naturally fertilized by our cattle. 

Our Cattle 

Our animals are handled in a humane and low-stress manner and we find that they thrive under these conditions. When choosing which cattle are ready for harvest, we are very careful in our selection. We look for a broad, thick frame all the way through from the rump to the shoulders. We also look for fat deposits, which is a sure sign that the beef is ready. 

Our Promise

It is important to know where your meat is coming from and how it was raised. Here at Cunningham Pastured Meats you can rest assured that you are getting the healthiest and best-raised beef in the Treasure Valley. 

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