Trust Your Local Source - Not Store Labels

January 19, 2018

Just this last week (1/17/18) an article was written by the American Grassfed Association about: Court Documents Allege Hundreds of Millions of Pounds of Imported Beef Likely Being Mislabeled as Product of USA.

The title is enough to give you most of the story, but the USDA is allowing foreign meat to come into the USA, simply be repackaged, and then slap a "Product of USA" on the newly packaged meat. It is no surprise that people are becoming more and more cautious of labels in the store, since it's just so hard to trust! Whether it's the USDA country of origin labels, Organic, or Grassfed consumers are becoming aware that these labels are flawed and don't always mean what they say.

What are you to do?! All you want to do is feed good food to your family!

This is why we are Boise's local source of quality grassfed meats: beef, pork, lamb and chicken. We want our customers to know our ranch and our practices. We don't need a label to tell you that, we need a trusting relationship, where you can see our ranching practices first hand, either through our social media postings or taking a drive out to the ranch. Buy local meat from local sources you can see first hand.

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