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We raise our animals on pasture, treated humanely and live the best life.

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Choose from the highest quality pasture-raised meats.

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Only The Highest Quality Meats, Raised Right.

Quality & Trust

✅ Animals Raised on Pasture.

✅ No hormones, antibiotics or GMOs

✅ Ethically treated practices towards our animals

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Local & Family Run

✅ We use collaborative local producers

✅ Support local Boise businesses by using their services

✅ Our business is a 5th generation cattle ranch

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✅ Delivered directly to your home in the Boise Area

✅ No subscriptions, just order when you want

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Trusted By Hundred's of Families In the Boise Valley

I've been purchasing all of my meat from the Cunningham's for the past 4 months and couldn't be more pleased.
Jeanette N.
Excellent quality. You can really taste the difference. And they take great care of their animals. Highly recommended.
Kris S.
High quality service, packaging and delivery. Everything we've eaten so far has been delicious. Such peace of mind knowing we are eating clean food, locally raised and harvested. Thank you!
Saul B.
I can't say enough good things about Cunningham. First off their website is amazing and makes browsing/selecting quality grass-fed meat super easy(and pretty fun)! Next I love the partnerships they have with local fisherman, chicken farmers, etc.. They make it a one stop shop for high quality products. And then there's the fact that you can get it delivered to your front door which is another huge plus!
Carson F.
My family has been buying our protein from Cunningham Pastured meats for years. As a Functional Nutritionist, the quality of meat I serve to my family and recommend to my clients is paramount... in addition to the fact that their meat is such high quality and has such a robust nutritional profile, it tastes amazing!...
Gretchen T.
For over a year I have gotten all my chicken, most of my beef and eggs from Cunningham's. We love the quality of the grass fed beef and pasture raised chicken. I am able to make quality bone broth and golden yoked egg omelets for my family keeping them strong and healthy.
Julie T.

No faceless brands here! We're real people with a real family ranch doing our best to raise the highest quality meats for our customers and our family.

Are you confident in the meat you eat? 

We believe you should feel confident in the food you are feeding your family, which is why we explain everything we do from birth to harvest with our meat, so you know EXACTLY how your meat is raised.

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