Organic vs. Conventional Spices

written by

Pamela Rozsa

posted on

October 17, 2023

Spices have defined traditions & cultures for centuries. They are the hallmark of signature cuisines & have proven to heal the body; while even some people say they calm the soul. And, with the holiday season in full view, we think you might appreciate knowing just how important it is to choose a high quality, organic, NonGmo spice brand. 

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Cliff's market, the home of Cunningham Pastured Meats, in Caldwell, Idaho provides high quality bulk spices sourced from high quality producers and distributers like Azure Standard, and they are worth every penny!!  

According to Azure standard, "...fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs come from plants that are susceptible to many pests and diseases, so conventional growers who seek to maximize profits while minimizing costs often treat their crops with various insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Because they are not following organic recommendations, they are also able to use various synthetic chemical fertilizers and other growth enhancers to increase the yield or speed up the growth of the plants.

By contrast, organic growers...typically manage pests by selectively treating affected crops as opposed to blanket spraying everything. (Azure Standard)

And, this is why Cliff's Country Market in Caldwell, Idaho chooses to selectively source our herbs and spices. 

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