What's the Big Beef about CPM's Bionutrient Institute Beef Study!

September 18, 2023

While the cost of quality meats is increasing hand over foot in 2023, we think its worth noting that Cunningham Pastured Meats reporting data substantiates the benefits of purchasing qualify meat. 

What we want our customers to know and to feel confident about is that while they are paying a premium for a premium product, the results of our recent participation in the Bionutrient Institute Beef Study are astounding! The results show that Cunningham Meat profiles are exceptionally high. Especially in the Omega 3 category; these are the Omegas that benefit your brain, heart & digestion. 


So, while we continue to commit to our promise to raising the highest quality meat possible:

  • All our animals are raised on pasture
  • 100% grass fed and finished beef
  • NO antibiotics, hormones, mRNA vaccines or GMO's
  • Ethical treatment of our livestock
  • From our family to yours

We are also providing our customers with a meat product that is exceptionally nutrient dense!! 

The Cunningham family takes pride in their 100 year ranching tradition and thanks you for entrusting us with providing you with the healthiest in meat products for your family. We understand the importance of your confidence in us and are committed to fulfilling this responsibility, which is why we seek out opportunities to test our free range, grass fed/finished products that we might be able to provide our customers with the data that backs our high quality product and fulfills our mission of Food You Can Trust from our family to yours! 

See the data below:  CPM Grass Fed vs. Other Grass Fed Producers vs. Grain Fed-

                                                                    CPM             OGFP           Grain Fed

Total N6 Total Omega 6 % total fatty acid       4.04               4.37               5.06
Total N3 Total Omega 3 % total fatty acid       2.87               2.41               0.73
N6/N3 Ratio Omega 6:Omega 3 Ratio            1.40               2.25               8.14

    Want to learn more? Click the link below. 

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