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Pasture Raised Eggs - 5 Dozen

Pasture Raised Eggs - 5 Dozen

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Pasture Raised eggs!

Here is the feed that the chickens get: sprouted barely, flax seed, animal peas and black sunflower oil.

Here is a little bit about our egg supplier:

Hello, I am Tina Townley, owner of EBN Ranch.  I began my health journey about 15 years ago, I have had some major health issues, and the more research I did the more I found the foods and products I was using could have played a major role in my bad health.  I started with a few chickens and a couple of goats. I was the 13th person in Idaho to be licensed to sell raw goat milk. I also believe that how you treat and feed your animals has much to do with the food you get in return, so I feed them as I do my own family.  I am not certified organic, and at times they may get something that is not, but 95% of what they are fed is as organic and non gmo as I can do I grow fodder, I use barley seed, since there is no gmo barley in the US as of yet, and flax seed, animal peas and Black oil sunflower, I sprout them, I have been doing this now for about 9 years, so my animals all get live sprouted food, 365 days a year, even thru the winter I grow it in my greenhouse, I feed about 100 lbs a day.   My little farm has grown, I now have a lot of chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, and sheep. I am trying to be responsible and self reliant.
I do supplement the fodder in the winter time with organic dumor pellets when there are less bugs for them to eat, but 95% of the diet is the Fodder. I have had folks that have never been able to eat eggs, try mine and have no issues, I think most allergies come from what the animals are fed, not the the animal or what they give (milk or eggs). My chicks have a chicken run, they all get out from time to time, but are free to roam several acres,I also grow my own alfalfa in some of our 18 acres here.  I have used no chemicals to fertilize or kill weeds on our property wince we moved here many years ago.
I will only wash the eggs if they are dirty,If they are washed it will say are on the carton, tends to happen when more muddy and wet outside, I will wash the day of delivery, O may have some duck eggs from time to time as well, and at times I will have banty eggs, a bit smaller so they will sell as an 18 pack for the same price as the dozen regular size  .I hope you have a chance to try my eggs and see for yourself!