These products are made with non-gmo items or the animals are fed non-gmo feed.

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Pasture Raised

These animals are raised outside in pasture. NOT in confinement.
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Grassfed & Grass Finished

These animals are grassfed & grass finished. They never receive any grain products apart of their diet. This is practiced with ruminant animals who cannot tolerate grains.

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No Hormones or Steroids

Hormones or steroids never administered to animals. (The FDA does not allow the use hormones or antibotics in the production of pork or poutlry.)

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Never Fed Drugs Or Antibiotics

All our animals are NEVER given any antibiotics or sub therapeutic antibiotics that are sold through our meat business. If we have an animal that gets sick or needs to be doctored we give them medication that is needed, but they are NEVER sold through our meat business.
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Supplemented with Non-GMO Grains

These animals require grain apart of their diet (pigs and chickens) but we source non-gmo grains such as barely, peas and flax.
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