Supplemented with Non-GMO Grains

These animals require grain apart of their diet (pigs and chickens) but we source non-gmo grains such as barely, peas and flax.

5 PK - Meaty Chicken Backs and Chests

Get Approx. 10 cups of chicken and 30 cups of broth from this bundle!

Bulk Pastured Pork Whole NonRefundable Deposit

$6.34/lb for finished pork

Total Cost Appox. $1078

Appox. 170 lbs of pork

Meaty Chicken Backs & Chests

Get Approx. 2 cups of chicken and 6 cups of broth from one package!

Pork Back Fat

Render Backfat to Make Delicious Lard

Pork Bones

Robust flavor! Also great pet treats!

Turkey Breast

Double Breasted - Skin On

Turkey Deposit - 10-12 lbs

$7.50/lb - Final Cost Approx. $82

Turkey Deposit - 13-15 lbs

$7.50/lb - Final Cost Approx. $105

Turkey Deposit - 16-18 lbs

$7.50/lb - Final Cost Approx. $127

Turkey Deposit - Bundled some reason

$7.25/lb - Final Cost Approx. $105

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