Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken

$7.69 /lb.
Avg. 5 lb.

Note* Our chickens range from 3-5 lbs. Please make a note during checkout on your order if you would like smaller or bigger chickens and we will try to accommodate as best as possible.

The chickens are raised inside for the first 3 weeks until they are old enough to be outside, then the next 6 weeks they are in huge movable pasture runs and receive fresh pasture every day. They are fed a chicken feed mixture of non-GMO feed. They are processed at a small USDA certified processing plant in New Plymouth. 

Note: Cunningham Pastured Meats is not personally raising the chickens.  They are lovingly raised by a cooperative, like-minded producer in Emmett utilizing the same practices and non-GMO feed protocol we used when raising the chickens.

Here is exactly what is in the feed that we give the chickens (it is non-GMO, but does contain corn, soy, and wheat):

  • Ground Non-GMO Corn- 25.32%
  • Roasted Cull Beans - 18.56%
  • Cull Peas - 24.90%
  • Non-GMO Soybean Oil - 3.18%
  • Premix (vitamins) - 3.41%
  • Wheat - 24.63%

Please remember that we try our best to source quality feed for our chickens. It is extremely expensive to buy certified organic and it is also extremely hard to make a quality homemade mix feed for these chickens, they require a very specific diet. Also, chickens raised on pasture are very different from those raised in confinement situations. Our birds have actual access to green grass and bugs.

Recipe Idea: Creamy Lemon and Herb Pot Roasted Chicken

From: Saltandlavender.com

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