Bulk Meat Save 25%!

Order bulk grassfed meats at extremely low prices! No Sales Tax! Save Up To 25% Off Our Retail Prices! Ordering bulk meat is a great way to save money on high quality grassfed meats here are the 3 keys to ordering in bulk: 1. Large quantities - Beef & Pork is a minimum order of 100 lbs. Lamb is a minimum order of 20 lbs. 2. You MUST pick up the meat directly from the butcher (In Greenleaf, ID) 3. it is seasonal - only available a few times a year. If you are able to handle these constraints then this is a great option for you. If not please go to our main website to get meat at any time of the year! Please change your pickup location to Greenleaf Meats. This is where you will place your deposit for your bulk orders.

Deposit Bulk Premium Beef

Bulk Premium Beef Only $7.00/lb!*

Deposit Bulk Ground Beef

Bulk Ground Beef Only $4.45/lb!*

Deposit Bulk Grassfed Lamb

Bulk Grassfed Lamb Only $8.00/lb!*

Deposit Bulk Pastured Pork

Orders Closed: Next Harvest Oct 2018