Pastured Chicken & Turkey: Whole Chicken

✔Pasture-Raised From 3 Weeks On

✔Non-GMO Grains - Corn, Wheat, Beans & Peas

✔Herbicide and Pesticide Free Farm
✔No Hormones or Antibiotics
✔Ethically Raised - Low Stress Environment

$7.69 /lb.
Avg. 4 lb.
$7.69 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

Cunningham Pastured Meats offers only free range chickens and free range turkeys! They feed on non-GMO grains like corn, wheat, beans and peas.

Trust our family's experience and quality standards with your next order. From Chicken Breast and Wings to Turkey Thighs and drumsticks, we've got something the entire family can enjoy!

We care about our animals. That's why we raise our chicken and turkey in a low stress environment. From three weeks and after, our poultry is pasture raised and it results in you receiving ethically raised meats at your door.

For the past century, our family ranch has been raising pastured meats and in the process helping to heal the land and build soil which is good for the environment.

✔ Pasture-Raised from 3 Weeks On
✔ Non-GMO Grains - Corn, Wheat, Beans & Peas
✔ Herbicide and Pesticide Free Farm
✔ No Hormones or Antibiotics
✔ Ethically Raised - Environment
✔ Healthiest Meat for Your Family
✔ Delivered to Your Home

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