Pastured Pork: Bacon

✔Pasture-Raised On The Ranch
✔Non-GMO Grains - Barley & Peas
✔Herbicide and Pesticide Free Ranch
✔No Hormones or Antibiotics
✔Ethically Raised - Low Stress Handling

At Cunningham Pastured Meats, when you buy pork, you can rest assured that the highest standards in the industry are used in raising our pigs!

They live on a ranch free from herbicides and pesticides and never receive hormones or antibiotics, which results in meat that is loaded with nutrients and rich in minerals. Enjoy your next family meal packed with healthy proteins.

Our customers' favorite products are bacon, pork chops, bratwurst, pork roast, country-style pork ribs, and pork tenderloin roast! We have confidence you will be a raving fan in no time.

Buy with confidence. Our online meat delivery service sends pork to your door!

✔ Pasture-Raised On The Ranch
✔ Non-GMO Grains - Barely & Peas
✔ Herbicide and Pesticide Free Ranch
✔ No Hormones or Antibiotics
✔ Ethically Raised - Low Stress Handling
✔ Nutrient Rich Meat for Your Family
✔ Delivered to the Boise Area
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